Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SSVF?

SSVF is a Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program for Veterans and Veteran Families. SSVF works with these individuals and families to help them obtain and maintain housing.

What services does SSVF provide?

SSVF is a housing program. Our primary goal is to help you obtain and keep housing. Any services we provide must facilitate that goal. Examples of services include: housing search assistance, security deposit, rental assistance, utility deposits/assistance, moving costs, etc. However, you must meet all eligibility criteria, including homelessness or imminent risk, to be eligible to receive any services. Furthermore, meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee services.

I have a shut off notice, but I do not have an eviction notice. Can SSVF still help with my utilities?

SSVF is a homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program. You must meet all eligibility criteria, including homelessness or imminent risk, to receive any services.

I am not being evicted, but I want/need to move. Can SSVF help with my moving costs, deposits, etc.?

SSVF is a homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program. You must meet all eligibility criteria, including homelessness or imminent risk, to receive any services.

I am purchasing my home, but I am facing foreclosure. Can SSVF help me keep my home?

SSVF is not allowed to use our funds for mortgage payments/arrears. We may be able to help you obtain other housing, though.

I will be receiving a voucher from HUD-VASH. Am I still eligible for SSVF?

Possibly. Your VASH Case Manager will have to submit a referral packet to SSVF. Please speak with your VASH Case Manager about this option.

I cannot reach my VASH Case Manager. Can I just apply with SSVF?

Your VASH Case Manager must submit a referral packet first.

How long does it take to get housing with SSVF?

Our goal is to move clients into housing within 90 days of enrollment; however, this is not always possible. It depends largely on how quickly we can find suitable housing that meets your needs, is affordable for you, and approves your rental application.

Does SSVF have apartments available for me immediately?

SSVF does not own/manage its own properties; therefore, we do not have vacant units immediately available. We will work with you to seek housing in the local housing market.

Does SSVF find an apartment for me?

We will work with you to support you in your housing search. However, you will be an active participant in the search. We can provide you with a list of properties/landlords in your area, and we can make suggestions as to which landlords are most likely to work with you if you have challenges such as criminal background, prior evictions, etc. Once you have identified a few prospects, your case manager can assist you, as needed, with applications, viewing properties, etc. Talk with your case manager about what support you need in your housing search.

I don’t have anywhere to go tonight. Can SSVF get me a place to stay tonight?

SSVF does not provide emergency shelter. However, we would be happy to talk with you about helping you obtain permanent housing.

For emergency shelter in the Central Arkansas area, please contact the VA Day Treatment Center at 501-244-1900.

In Northwest Arkansas, please contact the Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas. Emergency shelters are located in Fayetteville (479) 521-2151 and Bentonville (479) 271-9545.

Can SSVF help me relocate to a different city or county?

Yes! If you are eligible for SSVF services and re-housing or relocation is part of your case plan, then we can help you relocate to a different city or county so long as your destination is within our service area.

There are also very limited circumstances in which we may be able to assist you in moving out of state if you have housing, support, employment, etc. available there. This is called the “Returning Home” initiative. There are specific criteria to qualify for this assistance, so speak with us about this option.

I have received SSVF services in the past. Can I receive services again?

Yes! You may reapply for our program at any time. However, you must meet all eligibility criteria, including homelessness or imminent risk, at the time you apply. There are some restrictions on how frequently we may assist with security or utility deposits, how many months of rent/utility assistance we may provide in a given time frame, etc. We would be happy to speak with you about how these limitations may affect you.

Also, if your SSVF case has been closed in the past for non-compliance, then we will take that into consideration. We may require some effort on your part to comply with your case plan before financial assistance is provided. We will discuss this with you in detail during the screening and intake process.

I have no income. Can SSVF help me obtain housing?

Yes! SSVF follows the Housing First Model. This means that our first goal is to help you obtain or keep housing. We do not impose any requirements, such as obtaining employment/income, substance use treatment, etc., as conditions to receive housing services. However, we are also required to ensure long-term stability in placement. This means that we will work with you to determine the best path forward so that you can maintain your housing independently. This may include referrals to other programs, such as HUD-VASH, seeking employment, and/or applying for VA or other benefits. Finally, landlords approve or deny rental applications by their own criteria. Obtaining housing with no income will depend on finding a landlord who will rent to you.

I am not eligible for VA services like HUD-VASH or VA healthcare. Can SSVF help me?

Yes, provided you meet our eligibility criteria! Our criteria for ”Veteran status” differ from those of other VA programs. For example, although you may be ineligible for other VA services due to insufficient time in service, you may still be eligible for SSVF.

My significant other and I are not legally married. Can SSVF help us obtain housing together?

Yes! SSVF rules state that the client defines his/her household. Therefore, SSVF does not require that a couple be legally married to be housed together.

I have pets. Can SSVF help me obtain housing and keep my pets?

Yes! SSVF has no restrictions on pets. However, placement will require finding a landlord who will accept your pets. Also, you will be responsible for any pet deposit, pet fees, or pet rent.

May I stay with friends or family while seeking housing with SSVF?

Yes. If you are determined eligible for the SSVF program, then we will work with you to obtain suitable permanent housing regardless of your temporary accommodations.

If I find housing that is not on SSVF’s list of landlords, can SSVF assist with that property?

Yes! We can work with any landlord/property in our service area, provided they are willing to work with us and provide a W-9. The unit must also pass our habitability inspection.

Does SSVF have quality standards for housing?

Yes! We complete a habitability inspection on every unit for which we provide any financial assistance (deposit(s), rent, utilities, etc.). Although our inspection is not so rigorous as a HUD inspection, we do have minimum standards the unit must meet before we can provide any financial assistance toward that unit. (If you choose to move into a unit that does not pass our inspection, we will not be able to provide any financial assistance.)

How do I apply?

Start by contacting the SSVF Office that serves your county, or submit a request online now!

*Meeting basic eligibility criteria does not guarantee SSVF services. Furthermore, SSVF service may have additional criteria to determine eligibility and to prioritize the delivery of services. Approval into the SSVF Program does not guarantee any financial assistance. All services are provided on a case-by-case basis as deemed necessary and in accordance with the SSVF Program Guide.